Hey! I just received this guitar case for my brand new Seagull S6.


I've never had a hard case before and I just have a question on how the guitar is supposed to fit. Should there be an imprint from the strings on the inside of the top when I open it?

Also, the body near the neck is slightly in the air since the neck is resting on a padded block that raises it up a little. Is this ok?

This case has a lot of great reviews, so I assume it's ok. Just don't want to mess up my brand new guitar

Edit:: I also see an imprint of the bridge pins. WAnt to make sure it's not squeezing the guitar.
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My Alvarez case leaves imprints of the strings and bridge pins on it. Not a bad thing, just as long as you don't have a lot of difficulty in closing it. And as for the body near the neck being raised...Not sure. Generally if the guitar fits, it doesn't move around/get damaged, and the case closes properly, you'll be all set. With acoustic guitar cases you don't really have to worry; if it was made for a dreadnought guitar, It'll fit a a dreadnought guitar. Acoustic guitar shapes differ a lot less than electric ones.
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Ok thanks. Yea it's got a ton of reviews on musiciansfriend so it seems like a good case for the price especially. The guitar seems to fit fine. Just nervous I guess . I hate covering up the guitar but I know it's for the best.
i definitely recommend the Seagull TRIC case. i got one with my Seagull and would probably buy another for any dreadnought style i have from now on! great cases. if the money is a factor though i understand. not everybody can drop $100 on a case, of all things.

but they are awesome! very light, but extremely string. and they're temperature resistant. something i wasn't sure i really believed until my AC stopped working during a heatwave and my room got up to 99° at some points. the guitar is just fine
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Haha ok cool. Thanks for the reassurance. It seems to fit good. The guitar doesn't move around or anything and I only see the string imprints at the body and the bridge imprint. I do wish that the entire body would rest on the body instead of being partly suspended in air while resting on the neck, but I stand the case up anyway. The guitar is deeper at the base of the body than at the neck too so that could be the reason.
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