its been a long
seven months
glad i kept
hands open wide
and the way we sighed

slc in the snow
and i know
you like a ghost
i used to know
in the past lives we made up under the covers

brooklyn nights
r and b
finding out what it meant to be
broken and loving
on rooftops
thinking of jumping down

portland heart
almost dark
put a necklace in the space
above your breastbone

nothing to do but laugh
this reads kindof lazy, to be honest- the rhymes feel slack. the ideas are there, but I'm not sold on the feeling of it. I like the offset of the last line, but mostly this poem feels like the physical equivalent of a shrug.
i feel it encapsulates the numbness. phoned in. theres nothing to do but laugh but you can't even bring yourself to do that. all i know is that this poem makes me sad to read so i wanted to share. thank you for reading.

fair enough- I see what are trying to do. it explains a lot of the sections. you're certainly welcome, I just feel if you pushed it a bit you could really get something here.