my friend and i recently started a band and i need a new amp i play a variety of styles and would prefer a combo amp. i need it for practicing and small gigging my budget at the moment is $400. also i play a schecter deluxe 4.
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Need the amp for what? Gigging? Practicing?
Budget? What style?

You didn't give us much details.

Anyways, I'm going to rent that 200 watt Acoustic Cab+Head pack that you can buy on Musician's Friend. That'll be good for practicing, and small gigs
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Well for gigging I would say you need anywhere between 2-400 watts of power. Brands to look into are Acoustic, Kustom, Fender, possibly used Ampeg, Gallien Krueger. I'd recommend if you do go with a combo go with at least a 210 and would also recommend steering clear of using a 115 as a stand-a-lone cab (not nearly enough definition alone but good for bringing out depth when used with a 210 or 410)
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