I had purchased a JTM50 clone about a month or two ago, and while I like it and really think it's a great amp, I'm starting to wonder if its the amp I need for where I'm going musically. Lately I've been wondering if I should make a more pedal based rig. Having a good clean amp that takes any pedal well, and can be used for anything I need.

Budget isn't an issue, as I'll probably buy it down the road.

if budget is no issue... get a JVM with a 4X12 cabinet
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that amp should like pretty pretty good.

but, for complementing a marshall jtm50, i recommend something like a music man hd series. the music man has quite a bit of headroom, they were designed by Leo Fender and Tom Walker and can be acquired for quite cheap.
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If money's no object, get a Blackface Fender Bassman 50 or 100, or a Twin Reverb if you want a combo.
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I have mixed feelings with Fender Twins. Not sure about Bassmans, I'll look into that.

Is there not any other suggestions? I have been looking into HiWatts, Fuchs...