Hey guys, this is my first post in UG. I'm a longtime UG reader but I never wrote anything in the forums, until today well ^^

*I generally play heavy/thrash metal riffs but things from other genres too, like hard and classic rock (Sabbath, Hendrix) and tunes from the blues side (SRV) or the shredding side (Vai) or prog-rock (Yes) and sometimes even modern jazz (Scofield, Metheny).. I'm pretty wide, as you can see. I can start playing a riff by Chuck Schuldiner and end up with something by Santana. Anyway, my playing style is always focused on music that has a strong guitar (guitarist) presence.
Damn, that was a long paragraph, kind of self presentation I believe. Sorry about that!

So, here is the situation.
I'm looking for an amp that can handle a nice clean sound, because that's the channel I'll be always returning to. You see, I will manage distortion through a pedal: my eyes are on the EH's Metal Muff w/Top Boost. I really don't like the distortion that solid state amps have, I mean the common ones at least. And tube amps are different story, and different money I don't have at the moment.

My budget is $300-$400..So after reading a lot I checked two amps: one is the Vox VT50 and the other one is the Fender Frontman 212R. I would go for the Vox but I'm not quite sure yet.
So wich one of those do you recommend me? If there are other amps to talk about here, just let me know!
Peavey Vypyr, as far as modelers go. Vox VT can't really do metal IMO, and the Frontman only has decent cleans, the distortion sounds terrible.
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Two words. Peavy Vypr.
Gets every possible sound you need, with no pedals.
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Peavy vypyr tube 60, all the modeling effects with tubes for actual tone. And it's also between 300 and 400 new.
Meh, Vyper amps are definitely good solid state amps, but if you want an amp specifically for cleans, please do look into Bugera's V series. They're excellent, reliable amps, and a 55w 2x12 goes for $350. It's an all tube powered amp, which is absolutely tons better than solid state tone.
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I would say go for a fender Deluxe reverb but that's a bit more then your wanting to spend .
if great cleans r what your looking for . I agree with the guy above . for a budget bugera is good . I had that voxvt50 and it has allot of options and that's what you pay for . sounds pretty good but not great with the cleans . i cant say anything about that peavey .
i say look for a basic amp with not much additives so your money goes for what your looking for .
Peavey Valve King 112. The clean channel with the bright switch on is every bit the equal of any Fender clean you have ever heard. Glassy smooth yet not ice picky.
Wow, and I thought the VT50 was a good choice.

Those Bugera tube amps look pretty swell! Unfortunately I couldn't find any of them near where I live

About the Peavey amps, the Vypyr tube 60 would be my choice. But I wonder how this tube amp sounds in the clean side. Same question goes to the Valve King 112 which is a bit cheaper. I think the distortion there with the tubes should be neat, I just have doubts about the clean channel. Probably the thing is I never linked "clean sound" with "Peavey".

As I said before, if I buy a solid state I'd prefer it to be an amp with a nice clean sound, and use a good pedal for distortion. Buying a tube amp it would be a different story I guess, doesn't it?

Any other suggestions?
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As I said before, if I buy a solid state I'd prefer it to be an amp with a nice clean sound, and use a good pedal for distortion. Buying a tube amp it would be a different story I guess, doesn't it?

Any other suggestions?

you know i have a B-52 AT100 TRI-mode Rectifier . it gives you the option to run straight tubes or tube and solid state blend or just solidstate and sounds awesome with cleans and even better with raw tube tone when the gain is kicked . I saw one a couple weeks ago that was a 212 combo on craigslist "used" for 425 . so I'm sure you can find one out there for a bit cheaper . sounds like thats just what you need
The Vypyr Tube's cleans are good, and its distortion is even better. The VK's cleans are the best things about the stock amp, whereas the distortion needs some work... they're really dark-sounding, though.

I'd look at the ZT Lunchbox as well, OP. It's small but don't let that size fool you, it's 250 watts.
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