Hi guys
I search barred and nothing came up. But quick question if i use a charger for some other phone in my phone(its a rival) will it still work or will it do something bad?

Stories would be awesome too
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I used a Verizon phone charger on my AT&T phone and it systematically began to become self aware of itself until it staged a rebellion against me. It got so bad, it even convinced my desktop phones to rebel against me and my tyrannical, button pressing ways. It was horrible.

Don't mix chargers, bro. Just don't.
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you should be fine, most phones use a similar battery. if the plug fits, try it
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stick with the brand name chargers. its safer in my opinion since it is from the same company
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If it fits in the phone then yeah it will work. It's not like chargers have a chip in them that detects what phone they're in and decides whether or not too work. I wouldn't be surprised if they started doing that, though.
it doesn't matter what service provider, for example: If you have a Motorola phone, use a Motorola charger instead of another brand, wouldn't matter if you have AT&T, Verizon, etc.
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If it's the same input and output voltage as the original, and fits your phone, then it should work. There is no chip that detects which carrier you're using or which phone you're charging inside the chargers.
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