Ok so my friend wants to hook up a Kustom Defender 5W head to a Kustom double barrel amp.

The head can do 4 ohm, 8 ohm, and 16 ohm. Buuut the double barrel has 2 speakers that both say they are 16 ohm.

Soo can he hook up the head to the amp without tearing open a hole in the space-time continuum?

(I think you can because I've heard its only bad to have the head at more ohms than the cab (or amp in this case...) But im not a master cause I stick to teh combos.)

Thanks guys.
While I cannot answer your question, I think your pun was quite masterfully applied.
2 speakers, wired in parallel, = half the total ohms. In other works
The 2 16 ohm speakers, wired in parallel= 8 ohms total resistance
So go for it, and flip the switch to 8 ohms
You're definitely good for the 8 ohm setting. Should work if the ohms on the head are less than on the cab. If the ohms on the cab are less, however, the current in the cab would be crazy and something bad could happen haha.

EDIT: Good point, cowboy_bill... 2 speakers... I should read more carefully.
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Eh, how are you going to bypass the amp section of the double barrel? How are you going to connect the two amps together so that only one is driving the twin speakers, and what is the wattage rating for the pair of speakers? Is that little 5W going to be enough to drive both speakers? BTW, the 5W head is built to pump through a 30W cab, 1 x 12.
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Ermm are the two speakers already in parallel?

I would hope so - it'd be a pretty goofy cabinet design if they'd wired it for 32 ohms...
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Okay I just got an email from kustom, here is what it said:

Are you trying to use the Double Barrel speakers with the 5H? If so,
there really isn't a way to do that without modding the Double Barrel.
You would have to disconnect the speakers from the amp on the Double and
wire up a jack. Then you could plug in the Defender 5H to that. If you
keep the two speakers connected to each other as they are, then you
would plug into the 8 ohm tap on the 5H.

Sooo how realistic is this? How difficult would this be to do? Should I just save money for a cab? or should I just get a Fender champ 600, or a Bugera 5w...
That email reply is exactly why I asked what I did. You can't just plug a cable in to the double barrel and bypass the amp that's already connected to the speakers. It's not such a big deal to just connect a jack though, assuming you know about basic wiring that is. Why not just get a single 12 inch cab that's already rated for the 5H and go from there? Or get yourself a decent combo amp.
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While I cannot answer your question, I think your pun was quite masterfully applied.

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