heavy water-algae algee algy
wraps bowed around an anchor low,
tender grip tightening the sea
bottom-S.S. Nevermind as i’ve forgotten
as soon as i thought it-your birthday last
spring, did that still happen? happy, happy,
happy-feel good, no feel better,
said a sailor once as i threw my lunch
portside-but your birthday, how about it?
twenty-one? two? sometimes it takes me
three tries to guess the name of the brothers
that first took flight,
Williams, no,
Wendell, no,
Man, I just love your rhyming schemes. It definately takes several read throughs to get the flow down, which could be a downfall of it for someone just skimming over this. Maybe change the structure? But then again that takes away from the piece growing on ya. Awesome introduction with the first 4 lines. Really enjoyed this and your last piece, congrats on wotw.

it makes me so happy to read you matt.
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Reads quite well to me! I also thought the ending was rather catching! Good toss, good sir.
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