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Jackson JS32T Rhoads
14 64%
6 27%
Other (Say Below)
2 9%
Voters: 22.
If you had to choose between an ESP LTD V-50,

And a Jackson JS32T Rhoads

Which would you choose and why? I'm looking into buying a relatively cheap V guitar, have played both, and have no real preference for either. If you have another suggestion for around $300 please feel free to list that one, and a why as well.
I'd choose the Jackson because I like Jackson necks, but to be fair I've never tried the LTD.
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I have the LTD, because I like the brand, and I like the necks.

You should make your decision the same way.
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Quote by Khaos5191
Thanks fors the responses everyone. I was looking at the Agile Hornet http://www.rondomusic.com/hornet.html that Silverstorm posted, but am unfamiliar with the brand. Anyone that can tell me a little info on them?

Mostly ppl will tell you they're sound instruments for the price.

...and I've nothing to contradict them!
Basically everyone after this that posts about Agile will usually rave about their quality. (Unless they're in Europe, then they'll just bitch about import taxes )