First-Alot of the stuff i want to learn how to play is in much lower tunings, shud i have thicker strings or shud i just buy a 5 string bass? (i currently have a 4 string)

Second-Im thinking of possibly getting a effect pedal sometime in the near future what would you guys recommend?
It's up to you if you want to get a 5 string, if you don't use the G string (haha lol) a lot, you could tune down your bass well it depends also (if you play hard rock or metal) on the tuning your guitarist(s) are using, it's easier to play that way (if you play in a band) i personally don't like 5 strings too much because of the neck width, the best you could do is try with downtuning first i like B-E-A-D (is just like a 5 string without G) and then to try 5 string basses. With effects it depends what do you play and sometimes on your bass signal, i like fuzzes and overdrives because i play hardrock and metal with just one guitarist, now if you do solos and stuff you could use delays, phasers, flangers, even wah and autowahs if you like, i personally like chorus on certain things , like when i do chords, arpeggios and stuff like that, is up to you when and how to use it.
5 strings are fantastic. It takes a little bit of time to get used to (honestly like a week going from 4 strings to 5) and it will increase your range without stressing your bass. I personally would recommend one, especially if you're playing things in lower tunings.

As for effects, you need to be more specific with what kind of effects if you want any real valuable advice.

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For around $150, you could find a used Boss ME-50B. It's a pretty good multi-fx board that will get you a wide range of tones.
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ok sounds like im going to want to invest in a 5 string in my future which is what i figured anyways. And for effects, well i play most hard rock and metal, thats what i like and want to play, and i play with one guitarists and a drummer, so i guess i want some to either give me more punch(if that makes sense) or heavier distortions.
Spend more money on the amp than the bass, and get a bass-specific amp, basses kill guitar amps like nobody's business.

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Buy an effect when you have a need or a specific use. Don't buy one and then find a use for it. Otherwise you won't use it enough to justify the price.
I prefer a 5 string i like the availability of the high up notes. (also i use a 7 string guitar so the bass can keep up)

but effects wise i dont really make use of. Just some distortion when i get bored.
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While I never use effects, I have pondered the use a sonic-stomp (sonic maximizer) from BBE. It did wonders to the mix of our vocals and drums in the PA, and it doesn't sacrifice midrange...which is how a bassist survives in metal.

and, yes...5 string

Bass tones are hard to find.
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