Hey guys.
I'm a bit of an intermediate player. I can play In Flames, touches of BTBAM. But the issue is I dont know what to do from here. I know basic scales. I can sweep across three strings.

I know what I probably need to do is go and learn some more scales and theory.

What can I do to get accurate and faster? Just repeat major and minor scales in all the positions? Is there any band I should try and go learn right now thats a great bridge if my overall goal is to sound like Periphery / Veil of Maya ??

Thanks for your time
I've always been told that after you stop improving so quickly through practice, then you should focus on a completely different genre than you're comfortable with. Or, get playing live, if you don't already
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Find what you struggle with when playing or find a goal that you realistically would like to reach, start learning songs by influences of your favorite bands and see how it affected their style?