So I'm looking to make some interesting music this fall with a friend, just me on acoustic and her on piano, sharing vocals, and I thought about maybe doing some interesting stuff with a slide while she does keys. I'm a relative beginner to slide guitar, but I do know some basics. Overall questions:
What finger do you personally prefer to wear your slide on?
What are some interesting songs I can listen to to learn/work on my slide work? I'm trying to remain in standard tuning, seeing as I'd rather not have to retune in the middle of a set, so perhaps some interesting work on single strings or maybe two or three strings at a time...
And any tips for keeping it clean while working on single-string and dual-string parts?
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everytime it rains by kenny wayne shepherd is an awesome slide song. I once was all about slide, went and bought two different types and practiced it daily for awhile and finally just gave up. Its not an easy thing to master, but best of luck man
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I'm a little-finger guy myself; but you see nearly everything. I always suggest going to YouTube and just entering "Delta Blues". You'll get dozens of hits of all the great bluesmen, many of whom played slide.
For a more contemporary sound, try Johnny Winters' "Dallas". If you can master every slide lick on that recording (and there are fingered notes and chords too) you'll be well on your way.
Here's a link to a transcription:
I prefer the slide on my ring finger, but just do what feels comfortable. As for playing in standard tuning, I hardly ever do.

But if you are playing with someone on piano it will be easier than playing in standard by yourself. I believe Warren Haynes plays a lot of his slide in standard tuning, so you might check him out.
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