I'd assume you would learn your favorites
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learn wichever you want , just make sure to practise the riffs slow so you can play them clean when you go faster . But IMO Only for the weak is a good start , first song i learned.
I think Wayfaerer should be fine for you. Just checked out the tabs for it.

Also, I don't mean to hijack the thread with a possibly stupid question, but does anybody think that Wayfaerer sounds like progressive metal?
I think A Sense of Purpose is a good place to start. That album seems to be more in the vein of metalcore rather than melodic death metal.
In Flames is my favorite band ever and I can play several of there tunes... I would say start with "only for the weak" its all pretty simple and easy to remember. My favorite to play would be "episode 666" it has the really bad ass legato run in the middle and a super cool solo section.