I'm new to the world of delay pedals, so I'm looking into getting a relatively cheap one, just to use for solos and adding more depth to my sound, does anyone have any experience with this particular delay? I've read some decent reviews, if anyone has any alternative suggestions that would be great too, I'm not really partial to either digital or analog, I'll go with anything I'm given, if it helps I play mostly hard rock and blues rock with an Ibanez SAS32EXFM through a Jet City 20w combo

Thank in advance

EDIT: $110 is about as high as im willing to go but ill go higher if i absolutely have to
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I have the EHX Memory Boy its $120 or $105 used from GC. Its a very good delay pedal although i haven't tried many but it definitely beats out the Memory Toy. When i was buying my delay i also looked at the MXR Carbon Copy its $150 a little out of your budget but it sounds pretty good, but I still recommend the Memory Boy