...I'd like to call for a favor. Back on some earlier patch, 6.0.3 or possibly older, I got a decent way through tabbing a song by Cloudkicker ("Dysphoria," the second track off "The Discovery"). Unfortunately for some reason, due to some tiny compatibility-breaking bug or possibly just plain file corruption, I can no longer open it with the current version. Attempting to open it freezes GP immediately, even before the loading animation appears.

I've tried opening it on all three platforms, windows, OSX and linux, to no avail. Even found GP6.0.1 and installed that, only to get the same result. Submitted 2 or 3 bug reports w/ the file attached and a detailed description and all that, but it's been a while.

So, on the incredibly slight chance it's still readable and simply will not open if I'm in the same room, I'd appreciate it if anybody would care to try opening it, and in case of success, perhaps re-saving it or exporting to GP5 (requires latest GP6 patch) and sending it back to me. Probably a long shot here, but I'd hate to just lose the time I spent on it.

just btw, Cloudkicker is a one-man djent/progressive/7-string instrumental metal band. He has all his albums on his site available for free; pretty good stuff. If you already dig him, all the more incentive to see if you can get this tab open!

And as a reminder, the expected outcome of opening this tab is probably that your GP6 will freeze until you kill it in task manager. Hopefully that won't happen to at least one person, but just fair warning.