I've been playing for a few months now on my legacy emerald series.


and today I bought some new strings because my current ones were getting a bit rusty. So I took all my old ones off and gave it a bit of a clean. I also discovered that the bridge just comes off. During this process I think I have adjusted the nobs that determine the height of the bridge. Anyway, I've started to put the E string on and when i try play on the lower frets i get this clangy twang noise as if the string is too loose, but it isnt.

I'm a total noob and I really have no idea what I've done or if I'm even explaining this in a way you guys will understand, but please, if anyone can help thatd be great .
What it sounds like to me is your typical new string twang. It stops after you break the strings in.
Do you mean fret buzz? like it sounds as though the string is barely touching the fret making a buzzing noise?

Your problem is either that or just new string twang.

If its the former check out the intonation thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=602241

If it's the latter then let the strings break in a bit and it'll go away.
yeah I moved it up and down a little, got all the strings on now too, sounds like it should!