I was planning to buy a Squier Affinity Strat and upgrading it, however the ones in my area are all SSS pickups. I just wanted to know is it possible to change a Squier Affinity Strat with SSS pickup configuration to a HSS or HSH pickups.
Thanks in advance!
Yes it is possible, but your strat has to be pre-routed for humbuckers if you just want to drop them in.

You're in luck, however, because pretty much all Squier Affinities are H-S-H pre-routed, or even swimming pool routed.

EDIT: Squier Affinity STRATS, that is to say, not sure about the Teles. I know that my standard squier telecaster isn't.
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If not its a pain to do it unless you have a router....MIJ fenders used be easy to pull the wood out with a chisel and hammer but watch doing that to newer ones cause I split the wood all the way through the back on a MIM strat so keep that in mind....
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I'm no expert but I think you could also get the neck and middle pickup wired in series and I think it sounds more fat like a humbucker.. but it'll kill that strat sound comming from that position.

Maybe you could have a coil tap. I guess it's easier than routing the body if you have to do it.

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Any decent music shop should let you look under the pickguard and see if there is enough space. If there is, then its simply buy a new pickguard or take a file to your old one and widen the slot. If not, its possible but you'd probably be better off finding one that is pre-routed.