I can't help but find alot of people hating on Marshall for about no other reason than the fact that they are Marshall. When people ask for Marshall advice, many state that other amps do a better Marshall than Marshall itself, and that is just wrong. That is like stating that Burger King does a better McDouble than McDonald's. Sure, many may view the Burger Double Cheeseburger as superior to the McDouble, and they may appear to be the same, but there is a difference. Two companies must obviously do things, albeit sometimes small, differently to separate themselves from the competition, and there are several variances due to the different procedures two companies partake in.

So to tell someone they can perfectly achieve the Marshall tone they seek from another company is misleading. They could achieve a similar tone, sure, maybe even a superior one in the eyes of many. But if the tone they hear in their head is a Marshall, then they need a Marshall.

The other day I plugged into a few Marshalls at a guitar store and wondered how I ever enjoyed guitar without one (not MG's, MA's, all that other crap). I finally felt like a rock star and was playing with the tone I had always heard in my head, but never achieved due to taking the advice of others(and being a cheapskate).

I'm not going on a rant or anything, but just asking for you to take it easy on those that want Marshalls. And If they want to sound like Slash, AC/DC, etc. don't suggest another amp. Suggest a Marshall.
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