So I've been sick with a flu for the past 3 weeks...Somewhere in this time I've lost all motivation to play the guitar. Usually I would play from 2 to 5+ hours a day, but since getting sick my mind has stopped working with music. I've been learning songs but thats not what I want. It used to be easy for me to create riffs/ideas...Now all I can do is force myself to sit down and play through some other peoples music and everytime I try to come up with something its just lame. Doesn't have the same feel it did...Even stuff I've previously come up with, I can't seem to expand upon it and so end up just playing the same things over and over...When I try and improvise and improve my phrasing the same crap keeps coming back out.

My skill level is intermediate. I can pick competently (not super fast), know barre chords, chord construction, have maj/min scales down (though I can't seem to make anything decent out of them) aaannnndddd thats about it....I'd like to say I can write good chord progressions but that would be a lie.

...Hopefully its just the flu addling my brain. Usually when I get into a phase like this I just smoke some weed and I'll come up with a bunch of new riffs in 1 night...But I don't want to smoke while my head/chest is so congested.

What do you guys do when you're stuck with your playing?
ust sounds like your flu addled mind and body is the problem dude, i've been there before. I normally just take a break from playing until my head clears abit then try again
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Try to write something you would hate to listen to.

I do this everytime I pick up the guitar...Only it takes no effort. Its just all that comes out.

And yeah, your probably right freighttrain. Even hearing its happened to others makes me feel a bit better and that it will pass.
I don't like to write riffs unless I'm going to record them. I think it's luck every time I write anything I like. Are you recording all your ideas? What if the riff God won't bestow great ideas upon you any more if you aren't going to do something with them? Maybe you need to practice a new guitar exercise. Lately I've been going up and down the C major scale playing 3 different notes per string and playing each note twice before moving to the next one. I'm not too fast at it but it sounds cool and I know I'll be writing some riffs with that. Give it a try.
Yeah I record any new riffs/ideas I have, its the only way for me to remember when going through a period of consistent writing...Thanks for the quick responses guys. I'll be keeping them in mind.
smoke a joint
or maybe your time has just past i've seen it happen with some of my friends and its a sad thing..Try to get out there and maybe jam with some fellow guitarist then have someone completely melt your face with a solo from hell and then pick up your guitar and practice till you can own them at there own game?lol nah that duzn't make sense
smoke a joint and really feel the music inside yourself
Something I've always noticed is that for me the best way to get out of a rut in my playing or writing, is to just not play my guitar unless I actually wanted to. I think you need diversity in your life, because if you do the same thing constantly, you tend to get numb of it eventually. The point is, don't play unless you genuinely want to play, don't force yourself. Or listen to some badass metal! \m/
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Well, I think I can relate to what you're saying here. I'm someone who spends more time trying to come up with original parts than play existing stuff. I think a couple of people who've responded on here have nailed it. Sometimes when you play all the time, and you're going through a really creative phase, you might just "get it all out" for a while. When this happens, sometimes you have to just put the guitar down and do something else for a while. Believe me, I know how hard that is when you really just want to rock out! But, in time, it'll come back.

What I try to do nowadays is just pick up the guitar and play random notes that I'm feeling at the time. Maybe something will come out of it, or maybe it won't - sometimes the stuff that comes out is generic, and sometimes not. Just gotta stick with it!
Why not just take a healthy break?

It's good to take a little time off every now and again. Get back to playing when you're well again. : J
The exact same thing's happened to me, I'm not contemplating not playing guitar anymore since my level of guitar playing has dropped to a really bad level and I don't care about it anymore
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I'M BACK. Feeling a bit better health wise and managed to get the same feel when playing back as I had a few weeks ago...Got an inner bruise at the bottom of my left hand pointer finger from playing too much last night :/ .....enjoyed every minute though.

Thanks for the encouragement guys. All the best.
Yea sometimes when you take a huge brake from music after constant practice you will find that it makes you a better musicians. Everything you practice slowly sinks into your brain in the long run.
Now thats its warming up here in Oz, I'm in a much better mood and inclination to play creatively

I suppose it comes down to how you feel and how willing you are to take a break, knowing full well that you will return with more ideas, creativity and fun to be had
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1. Get drunk
2. play pentatonic scales fast
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4. Get killed onstage
5. become legendary guitarist instantaneously

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what i do is listen to a song that is not humanly possible or close to impossible for example:suspension by francesco fareri

it just inspires me, if that doesnt help then listen to music like, or get outdoors-fresh air- listen birds or something
when i'm out of motivation, i browse the UG guest articles for new neat little tricks and techniques to learn can you tap, sweep and/or do pinch harmonics??
or just listen to a really generally motivating song (i have a few: Everyday - Authority Zero, Don't Wait - Blue Collar Special, Like The Angel - Rise Against) then go for a walk, come back, sit down and learn a nice, simple track or pick a chord and mess around with fingerpicking, working around that chord and let it progress into something amazing
another idea (this one's my fave) is to pick your favourite local douchebag, sit down, pick a key and a repetitive 5th-chord progression and sing your heart out