I've been trying to write songs for over a year. I had written one, but threw it out right away because I felt like it was bad and stupid. I recently started a band, and I know I need to start writing because we don't want to play covers forever. It seems extremely hard for me to write anything, or even get ideas, so I thought I'd try writing a concept album. It seems like it would be easier to write a story, then write lyrics with those ideas in mind, plus my favorite bands have written concept albums, and to me, they just seem better than a cd full of songs that don't relate to each other.

Here is some of my idea for the story; The main character finds this girl he likes, they get together and he starts to see that she's a completely different person on the inside or she changes or something and it starts driving him insane. He kills her, then begins to miss her and possibly kills himself to be with her. This is just the basic idea I have for the story, so criticism is very welcome.

Is it a good idea to write a concept album as your first band's first album, and how is the basic idea for my story?
I find your plot to be of the Romeo and Juliet architype, but with an internal source of confict (misunderstanding/betrayal of character or truth) as opposed to an external conflict (the conflict between the families imposed upon the main characters) driving extreme actions.

Works just as well if the female character goes insane, commits murder then engages in remorseful/greif stricken/repentant suicide. Though, and this may be my personal bias, I feel a listener would probably be more accepting of a male 1. finding love ('hunting' if you will), 2. discovering the basis of the conflict (e.g. female character is inexcusibly flawwed), 3. commiting violence and finally overcome with greif. In all 'acts' of the story, the male character is the active one and female is passive (which, again my opinion, generally follows most people preconceptions of male and female roles).

A good exercise sometimes is trying to rewrite your 'bad/stupid' song into a better one. If it helps, remember, songwriting is very challenging as is self-critique. But, if you love the process, you're probably continue to write songs.
Thanks alot. It's not going to be so one sided in the end, I just haven't quite figured out what the female character does yet. The first song I wrote was actually near the end of the story, after he had killed her and wanted her back. I liked it in a way, but I'm very hard on my own writing. I don't have it anymore, but I could try rewriting it. Maybe now I'll be able to make it better. Thanks again
Concept albums arent exactly easy to write, which is the one of two reasons I would go against using it as a first album. The other is; you may well get sucked up into writing the story, and forget that you're writing it as a song, and it won't have a good flow, or won't be memorable enough.

Well, that's my 2p.
Thanks for the advice. It's just really hard for me to even get ideas for what to write about, that's why I thought of writing a concept album.
I find just putting how you feel down into words helps, and after that, i always seem to get line after line of lyrics until i hae a finished song. It can take minutes to even months to write a good song, just depends on wether you have enough inspiration at the time I guess.