oh too short, i was just getting into it!
>> poop - shit - very bad - bad - ooookay - solid - nice - impressive - good - very good - supreme - awesome <<

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Very awesome, a tad too In Flames, though. I hope you don't take the comment wrong, I love In Flames, and upon a brief look at your profile I can see that you as well. Hmm, maybe try and boost the mids a tad, I know mids are frowned upon in Metal, but tweaking the mids to be a little more "present" may make the tone your own... or even "golden". Killer riff, btw.
Crit my stuff?... in my profile, thanks.
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How would I take that wrong ? :P
Also, it's a Killswitch Engage cover, not an original. About the Mids, I'll try reducing the compression on the Low-Mids section.