Hello fellow ax slingers!

I need some advice on customizing my Ibanez JS1000. On my Les Paul I have the 81-85 EMGs and I was wondering what the JS1000 would sound like if I put some in there. It already has really good DiMarzio pick ups but EMGs have done me good on my old guitar. I run my guitar through a Line 6 Spider 3 Half Stack.

Also if you have any advice for the tones with this set-up like pedals, etc, feel free to let me know. All input is appreciated.
Just my personal opinion, but if I had a JS1000 I wouldn't change a thing.
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EMGs are going to sound totally different in a basswood guitar like the JS1000 compared to a les paul.

Honestly I wouldn't change the pickups from a JS1000, they come set up just great as is. Especially if you are playing through a Line 6 spider. It's really not going to matter.
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Just in case the point hasn't been hammered home, don't change anything on the JS. I own a JS1200, they're amazing guitars as they are, I'm a metal head too and I wouldn't change a thing.
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Cool thanks guys, that's what I figured I shouldn't change it. but I was just wondering

Thanks again.
I, along with much of this forum, have some advice for you: Get rid of the Spider half stack and get a good amp in its place. I'm sure you can find a decent amp for $500-ish.
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