US - FOR TRADE: Taylor 210ce, Dean Razorback 7 String, Bogner Alchemist Half Stack

Up for trade:
Dean Razorback 225 -

Taylor 210ce -

Bogner Alchemist 40W head -

Bogner Alchemist Cab -

I also have an SKB PS-45 pedalboard, a lot of pedals including a Moog MF104z delay(PM me for a list of the rest if interested), and a Roland RD-150 keyboard I'd be willing to trade.

What I want:
A high quality gaming computer. That's about as vague as I can put it. Laptop is fine but desktop is preferred. Feel free to call/text me at (209)658-4628 with any questions/offers or PM me but I only check UG once a day so the replies will be much slower.