Looking to get a new strap, i need moar toanz. my current strap lacks true bypass and is eating all of my sustain.
Here it is:

I'm aiming for something leather or something like that, should prevent my guitar from neckdiving, and also feel comfortable.

Here's one site I like the look of:
I am leaning towards them right now. If only their green and orange stripe didn't go out of stock, that one looked awesome.
I'm not looking for anything extravagant or ridiculous to look at, just something interesting and cool, yet understated.

Any more sites like this? Or particular models to look at?
After getting a DiMarzio Cliplock strap I honestly can't recommend anything else. But, oh well, check out Levy's, they're leather and they've got some pretty cool designs.

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no BS, i actually own this strap. got it for christmas.

i was all

but it does look good on some of guitars
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Levi, the jean company makes decent straps. I'm not being a smartass, they really do

Sure you don't mean Levy? Entirely different company.
yeah the problem there is the design. it's not the quickest route between a and b, it's a zig zag, so that means it's gonna have more capacitance and suck more tone.

get one with a drawing of a straight line on it and that should help.
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Sure you don't mean Levy? Entirely different company.

Guess who feels like an ass...if you guessed me you get a cookie...lol can't believe I thought they were made by the jean company...damn lol where's the facepalm button on my computer...