Hi guys just had a question regarding guitar cabs.
I currently have a 120W head running through a 120w marshall 4x12.
What i want to know is: if i was to buy a 200w head would i need to match it up with a cabinet of at least 200w? or is there a way of still being able to use the 120w marshall? what is the best combination to get the best out of the guitar head? is there a rule of thumb?
any advice would be appreciated.
If you have a 200W head you should have a cab that matches or exceeds the wattage. Technically your amp won't put out 200 watts unless it's totally cranked, but in the interest of safety and preserving your gear, yes. You will need a new cab, or you can upgrade the speakers in the one you have now.
Yeah, what a silent line said.
Are you sure the marshall is only 120W?
thats strange, usually theyre higher.
Generally speaking, if the resistance ohms in the head are larger than that of the cab, you will have problems, you either want them to match, or the head to have less.
yeah I suspected it would be the MG cab which is total rubbish to be honest. What 200W head are you looking at buying, and what amp do you have at the moment? A new cab is definitely on the cards
At the moment i have a Bugera 6262 which i really like; but im hoping to buy a higher spec head to be my main giggin head and keep the Bugera as backup. Im looking at the Blackstar heads, either a 100w one or the 200w one:
haha I was hoping you were referring to a 200W Blackstar or an Orange Thunderverb

That series one blackstar is a fine amp and that cabinet will not do it justice
Hehe :-) cool
first of all then i suppose; which head would you recommend? i mean 200w seems a ridiculous amount of wattage; ive heard the blackstar cabs are pretty good so i suppose thats an option? any others i should consider?