Hey guys. I have a fender hot rod deluxe, a standard tele and an Lp goddess. What settings do you think I should use to get the kind of clean tone he uses on songs like slow dancing in a burning room?
Scoop your mids and run a Tubescreamer or two for solos.

John's tone is unmistakably Stratocastery, so you're going to need one to get Mayer tones.
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Basically an American voiced amp with scooped mids and a strat should get you pretty close. I could start rambling about his insane rig but that won't really help you

He actually did at one point have a Fender Hot Rod in his rig believe it or not. Of course now he's running custom shop and vintage strats, Two Rock amps in addition to vintage fenders, boutique and vintage pedals, and god knows what on his rack. Anyway, according to that page his settings were: Treble 6, Bass 9, Mid 4, Reverb 5, Presence 6. Give that a shot with the neck pickup of the tele.
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