Hi Guys and girls,

I have a Vintage V100 les paul copy that is not staying in tune, I'm thinking that the strings need changing as it's probably about 3 years old with the original string on. Thing is i have no idea what strings would be suitable for me as i'm new to playing and there are so many brands, types and thickness'.

If anyone can give me any ideas on what might be suitable for me i'd appreciate it.
010's are a safe bet. If you feel that they are to thick for your playing you can get 09's and if you find the to thin you can swap em out for 011's
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Thanks for the quick replies guys,

Any particular brand recommended for a les paul ( copy ), I hear Elixers are quite good
Same strings for 3 years?

I believe vintage ship their guitars with 9's but i may be wrong, traiditional les paul guitars have a shorter scale length resulting in less tension so try 10's or even 11's as you should get a more comfortable feel.

Elixers are good yet are quite expensive although they last for a much longer time, new strings will also have a large effect on your sound coming from 3 your old strings
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Elixirs are more expensive than normal strings because they are coated to preserve tone and feel better to play for a longer period. They also tend to feel slippery because of the coating and some people don't like it but I don't mind, I actually think it feels alright.

Ernie Balls, GHS boomers, D'Addarios are a few other options if you don't want a coated pack of strings and something cheaper.

If you don't want to replace strings often (in which case, 3 years is a HELL of a long time,) I highly suggest elixirs though, they will last the longest and will be worth the extra $$.

Make sure they are the electric guitar pack (blue package) and say nanoweb on them, not poly.

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