I'm just not sure what to get. I've been looking at an Ibanez RG1527 prestige for around £750 with 7 strings and an edge tremolo. it has a royal blue colour scheme but thing is I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to afford such a thing so soon. i really want an ibanez as my next guitar and i would love a tremolo. if i could find one for around £300 with that kinda stuff, i would be very happy. the boxes i want it to tick are:
7 string
around £500 (max £800)
good playability
good quality for money

so i was wondering if anyone could help me solve my problem. anyone?
Used market? Look at the Ibanez RG7620, it should fit all of your criteria. It's a 7-string, it comes with a Lo-Pro Edge (very good trem), should fall into that price range (I got mine for $400 USD), plays great, and is of great quality.

The only thing I've considered is a possible pickup swap, but they do still sound pretty good, and even when you factor in that cost, it should still be within your budget.
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Looking at the used market is a good idea, I've seen lots of mint condition Ibanez prestiges sold on eBay (including the RG1527) for around £500. Look around on eBay, you might find a bargain
cool, thanks guys. i think the used market would be a good idea but i'm not so sure on ebay cause well y'know, unreliable sellers. do you guys know any good guitar sellers who would sell any ibanez's in that catagory?