well where to start.
my band is called Apart From Death. we're just straight forward metal and we are in the process of writing our first album: Your Sins Are Mine
our line up is:
Adam Mcdermott on vocals
Lee Mcdermott on drums (Adams twin brother)
Jack Robinson on bass guitar
Ian Wardle on rythm guitar
me (Robbie Seeley) on lead guitars

so we have our lyrics down but we're all still learning. Adam is on his way to some proper brutal vocal skills and lee is coming along great too. I'm becoming a better guitarist every day and I'm learning a lot and have come a long way in a year and not to mention ian is ana amazing guitarist already, now all i need to do is define my style of playing. i plan on making a solo project some time soon too so we have a website on moon fruit, a face book page and a myspace page. i have a soundclick acount named moxxie too so feel free to check us out. we would really apreciate the support. thanks
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There's this really cool, not-at-all-hard-to-do thing called posting a link. Nobody's going to go looking for your page themselves. If you want us to look, post a link to your MySpace or something.
ever heard of being in a rush? yes i have a page i just couldn't be arssed to link them. ever realised i may not have a huge ammount of time? no cause your not telepathic, although your post seems to suggest different.