Anyone here have played wesley guitars? i've read some reviews online, and they all say they are quite good. I'm thinking of buying a wesley san diego and then changing pickups for a more vintage sounds, the thing is that they are quite cheap and that always is an indicator of bad quality, so if anyone has ever played one of this and can post his thoughts about it i will be really greatefull
I wouldn't bother personally, the low price for a new guitar is a sign of problems to come whether it be terrible hardware and tuning stability or wood quality. Save your money for something better
I have the old Wesley Les Paul, (the MEG model, not the pheonix one), really nice player, great feal to it, hardware wasnt the best, but it was durable, with better pickups itd be great for the cash.

Unfortunately it fell off the stand and the headstock cracked almost compeltely off. Which is a design flaw with LP style guitars anyway. So its been gutted and left to the side of my room. If it wsnt for that id still play it.

Somebody else had the wesley TC90 knock off, said it was a really sweet guitar, just pickups were lacking again.

IMO, theyre really nice for the cash, id reccomend them.
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For the price they're really quite impressive. I played a Freeport (an £80 tele/P90 model that Becky mentioned) and it felt really solid. Sound with upgraded pickups was good as well, i'm sure the stock ones aren't great though.

The thing to remember about cheap guitars is they're not always lower quality, but lower consistency. In other words you could play a great guitar in the shop, but the one you get delivered might be an absolute junker. For the obscenely low price it's certainly worth a shot.
Out of curiosity, was there a panel at the back for access into the guts? Or was it a keyhole surgery thing through the F hole?

Oh and yeah, my bro has one of their bass's too. Pretty nice bass for £90, a better standard than squier or encore would produce.

Only thing is QC was a bit dodgey on it. One of the knobs fell off and we had to use a screwdriver to open the shaft a bit on the pot to keep it secure. And theres clearly a mistake with the side dots on the neck, they put an extra one at the 2nd fret and it smudged where theyve tried to remove it
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Out of curiosity, was there a panel at the back for access into the guts? Or was it a keyhole surgery thing through the F hole?

Not a clue, played it in Chris' (rock monkey pickup guy) workshop, didn't take the time to look it over properly. Just remember it felt incredibly solid, really well constructed. Would guess it's a back panel though.

You still not sold your VC30 by the way?
I have got a guy lined up to buy it, he allready paid for the valves, just havent heard off him in a while. :/

I think it does have rear access (reading reviews). I might pick one up, theyre pretty .