hello again, i have posted multiple threads already, but i here i go again.

I was searching for a specific 6 string guitar, but i was thinking, i also could get a 7string. Because i know some people hwo actually regret it that they didnt change to 7 strings earlier, but is a 7 string really beneficial? btw, i play heavy metal, and i have really big hands, so no problem reaching the extra string

if it is beneficial, do you guys have any advice on a 7 string. It has to have a floating tremolo, 2 humbuckers and 24 frets. and i have enough money, but please, dont just advice the most expensive ones.

so again:


some guitars i have spotted (and i think that they all have those 4 things):


slat3-7 soloist archtop 7string

usa rusty cooley signature rc7 mahogany
razorback 7

bc rich
stealth pro marc rizzo 7 string
jrv 7 string
kerrie king signature 7 warlock

these are just a couple of guitars i have spotted. its not that i want to choose between these guitars, any other 7 string guitar is also fine.

thank you
Ibanez S7420. Best 7 string I've tried for under £1000
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I love my 7string guitars!

The low B allows me to be chugging away with heavy riffs while I still have access to the higher strings (read: I don't have to down tune my guitar to play stuff!) ^^
If you feel like buying a 7string guitar and think that you'll be using the added string, then go for it. When you've adapted to playing a 7string you'll never miss a 6stringer ever again

I'd recommend a Schecter C7 (Hellraiser, Blackjack, ATX, plus, whatever!), 'cause they build their 7stringers with an inch longer necks which makes for great feel while chugging away to some metal riff!

Alternatively you should find a used Ibanez RG2077XL which has an 27inch scale neck?

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Or, one an Ibanez, either a 2077/1077XL, 7620 or a Universe if you want to spend a bit more.
I love 7s and can't see myself buying a 6 string in a long time.. You can never argue with extended range.

Although, If you just want to chug low stuff.. slinging your 6 up with heavier strings and tuning to B is the cheaper answer.

It mostly depends on what you want and if you think you'll use/need the full range from B to E

All of the guitars suggested and even the list of the ones you're looking at are all solid.

Agile has some great 7s as well. They're solid workhorses at a fair price.
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