So I have a set of Ernie Ball 9-46 on my RR5 that is in Eb tuning right now, and it is pretty much ideal except I wish the 9 was an 8. I know Yngwie had an 8-46 signature set but I'm having trouble finding that (it seems to have been discontinued).

Is there a good place to customize my own guitar strings? Or would it be easier and less expensive to just buy the Ernie Ball 9-46 sets and then buy some packs of 8s, and just replace the 9 with the 8?

Any input would be good. I've tried googling around for places to order "custom string sets" or something and I'm not really finding anything that looks too promising.

I think its a dumb idea...but i have been to music stores that sell single strings for less than a buck.
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You can just order single strings. I just order them from Thomann, they offer all kinds of strings and are cheap.

This would probably be your best bet, mate.