i have to sell these 2
i live in spain. i need the money
will post pics tomorrow

the gibson explorer gothic - this has 2 emgs. its 2nd hand. comes with hardcase. beleive this or not, it was owned by the malevolent creation guitarist. however - i cant prove it. unless u email him/ call him directly . but this will not affect the price.

looking for 700euros incl postage to alomst anywhere in europe

the burny lp - cool guitar. its heavy. the humbucker covers ...the ones that are on the edges are broken. you can replace this easily. they have 80s dimarzios on them .

this comes with a softcase

will post pics tomorrow and if u want detailed pics poc pls feel free to ask

500euros incl postage


this guy is selling his on ebay for this amount......
BUT note , the case i have is battered a bit more and the guitar has some scracthes,etc - BUT does in no way affect the playablilty. no cracks and stuff like that .....the one i have has been on the road a bit . its professionally set up....