Ok, here goes, in my opinion, this is the best song i have ever written, and i know that you guys here hate me and my songs xDxD, my ban is over, i have seen the light, ima play nice, so...

please crit, i think that even you guys will like this, Drop C, heavy riffs, acoustic riffs, deep bass stuff, cool drums, and a crazy sweep solo during the last chorus, please crit HEAVILY, i want to record this one :P:P
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You may want to switch to a more formal writing style.

Writing your posts, that is. I guess not everybody wants to even look at posts that scream "14 year old teenager".

Another thing would be C4C but that's a different story.
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This ****ing guy.

Even though I very much agree with Thorbor about your childish behavior, I'll give your song a listen.

I must say that the song is generally pretty solid. However, you use -core, speed, and alt metal conventions far too heavily without bringing anything new to the table. This is actually a pretty good song to show to the mainstream masses, given that it's pretty easy to follow. I'm not downplaying your song in any way by saying that.

The problem that I have with it is how straight it follows the line. It doesn't stray off the beaten path.
Don't take that as a bad sign, as I like more articulation in my music (especially in the chordage). I also don't like technicality for the sake of being technical. That's exactly what it sounds like you were doing with that sweeping/lead section at the end. There's no soul there.
Place more accents and nuances in the solo (this runs the gamut from slides and bends to ringing notes and double stops). You'll find that simple is better.

You seem on the right path with this song. I'll give you some pointers though.
-Don't make your songs fit around the common conventions; make the conventions fit around your song. EDIT: What I was trying to say here is that you should make your own style instead of copying and pasting an already established style.
-Take a look at different types of music you normally wouldn't like. You might find some useful ideas to use in your songs. Broadening your musical palette is almost always beneficial.
-Emotion. All music has it, regardless of what that feeling is.
-The technical aspects of music should not hinder your songs message. They should enhance it.

I'm willing to give you a chance, since I'm Batman.
But you should try to act more civil.
This reminds me of a user by the name Tom_Araya. He was a complete douche, got banned, and then became a productive member of the forum.
Maybe you can do the same.
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