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I think they just tend to listen to what all their friends listen to. There seems to be more of a "fitting in" thing with all the girls I know.
I say yes cause I hang out with a lot of girls and none of them listen to a damn thing I listen too...
What a stupid question! You can't ask that. For you to be able to ask that, everyone would have to come to a mutual agreement of what a good taste in music is. It's very subjective.
Girls are socially taught to be more influenced by petty things (makeup, clothes, jewelry) these days than guys. So I would say yar.
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Worse? No, you can't say any taste in music is worse than another, it's all opinion.

Differing music tastes to men? I think so.

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Quote by Amos_Moses
I think they just tend to listen to what all their friends listen to. There seems to be more of a "fitting in" thing with all the girls I know.

Same here. I showed one of my female friends some Finntroll, and she loved it but told me she couldnt have her friends catch her listening to it or else they'd think she was weird.

But as for "bad taste in music", what do you mean? List off some bands/ artists?
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No, cause its all based on opinion anyway. They'd probably say people who like metal have shit taste in music.
"If you can't dance to it, it's not good music."

"When do the words start?"

"If it's so bad how come it's so popular?"

Perpetrators: all women.
Well, that depends on your definition of "Bad Taste". It's a bit subjective...

Anyway. Most of the girls I know have (imo) worse taste in music than me. However, I think mass marketing targets women more than men (in the music industry, at any rate), and there seems to be an expectation and bias towards men with respect to rock/metal.

That said, I'm going to see A7X and Stone Sour with a chick in November, so not all girls have bad taste!
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I think TS just wants to whine about not being able to find any metalhead chicks.
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Girls do not have intrinsically worst taste in music then guys do. It just so happens that in modern society, women who tune into popular music rather than listening to their own is what is attractive to men, therefore, many women choose to listen to popular music.

However, as a classical musician, 90% of the women I know have great taste in music, therefore, I think the conception is based upon lifestyle, not upon sex.
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I think TS just wants to whine about not being able to find any metalhead chicks.

lol possibly
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Theres no such thing as worst / bad taste.

Taste is different. Everyone has different taste. No taste is right.

Therefore, the question is pointless.
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Of course not, I'm a girl and I have amazing taste in music

But you should define what a good taste in music is first because this question is unanswerable otherwise.
Taste is subjective, but I would say yes. But more along the lines of its generally guys that get far more into music then girls. My sisters have good taste in music but they wouldn't ever go out and buy albums and such. Saying that, I have met girls that are really into their music, they're just far fewer than the amount of guys... If you get what I mean?
You could aruge that they may have WORSE taste (but its always subjective..and in this case pointless)...but there's no way they 'have WORST taste then men'
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That's idiotic.

My friend, Lindsey, is always posting awesome Romantic-era pieces on facebook that would make you want to cry.

I'm talking awesome, amazing, incredible music. From a girl.
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I would define a good taste in music as:

- Liking more than one genre
- Listening to artists who are genuinely talented.
- Being able to give a valid excuse for why you don't like an artist
- If it's electronic music, listening to stuff that is actually creative like Robert Miles - Children
- A willingness to actually give an artist a proper try before you decide you don't like them
- Not jumping on the band wagon.

If one sex tends to have more of those traits than the other, I would say I would say they have a better taste in music.
Nope, I once found a woman who listened to Dark Millennium. I offered to marry her on the spot without even knowing who she was. She was Russian, but the language barrier means nothing to me.
Worse, no. That's way too subjective, you can't say someone's taste in music is "worse" than someone else's.

But generally less distinct and less limited to specific genres, yes. Girls seem to enjoy mainstream music more than men. But there are always exceptions. I know a girl who is as deeply into Metal as I am.

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Of course they don't. Idiot.
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Yah. All girls listen to anymore is Lady Gaga. ****.
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Do girls have *worse* taste in music *than* men.

Bravo. I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out. I'm not usually that lazy with my grammar. God-damn it, now I can't change it.
The right question is: "Are girls less interested in music as an art?". And the answer is yes.
Sure there's a couple ten year olds that give them a bad name, but there are many, many girls that have "better" (not that such a thing even exists, but now is not the time or place) taste in music than you do.
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"If you can't dance to it, it's not good music."

"When do the words start?"

"If it's so bad how come it's so popular?"

Perpetrators: all women.

Oh dear, how right you are.
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