Okay, I'm gonna be stuck in Montreal all next week and kinda wanna entertain myself, anyone live there or have visited recommend me some shit to do, please?

Keep it legal,
lots of jazz and stuff there

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lots of jazz and stuff there

Thought that was montreux?..

And I'm stuck with Montreal tbh
I live here. Tons of shit to do. Go to a Mont-Royal (you'll find it easily). It's this event every Sunday (I think), where everyone brings in bongos or djembes or other percussive instruments and just jam whilst enjoying good bud.

Go to clubs, great nightlife here.

Btw, you said to keep it legal...the police aren't that strict here, at least when it comes to weed

Plenty of stuff to do here dude!
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Foufounes Électriques, on Crescent street there's a lot of great restaurants.
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