im looking for a 7 string guitar:

things the guitar has to have:

24 frets
floating tremolo
2 humbuckers at least (: hh, hsh, hhh it doesnt really matter to me)
good for metal

things as:

neck thru body construction
not a very wide neck
reversed headstock
arched top (if it is a strat- or les paul-like. if it is a V or something like that, a flat top is alright)
active emg pickups
light weight
ebony fretboard
alder/mahogany body

are things i would like, but things that i dont need. and the shape of the guitar doesnt really matter

btw, 1 question: are agile 7 strings good for heavy metal (metallica/megadeth style (trash metal style))?

thank you
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You posted the same thread 3 hours ago!



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