I'm looking for an amp i can carry to reharsal in one hand, what's the smallest i could get, i've looked at some of those 5watt tube amps some people claim to use at reharsal and small gigs but i need something that can produce clean/semi-clean tones at a reasonable volume.

Or should i just gain some muscle and carry the 12inch raven (that's right raven).
I'm weak so it's a bit heavy and bigh to just carry in one hand.
I would say leave a cab at your rehearsal space and just take a terror or one of those other mini ones like the blackstar something (HT-5?)
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Well you going to have a PA at rehearsal aren't you? If you mike it up you can get away with a 1W amp.
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Micro cube no doubt, or you you could wait until that Blackstar ht-1 comes out
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really? those little things can be heard over the drums

Not on their own, they can't. OK if you can use a PA and mic up but for most basic rehearsal work at least a 15w tube or 30w SS amp will be needed. The SS will be a lot lighter, too.
I know people who gig with a Blackstar HT5 but those are not normal circumstances. A duo of guitarists/singers with backing tracks through the PA. Not exactly your average rock band.
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