I almost failed my college class because my professor decided to change the due date of a big test from Thursday to Wednesday. We had Wed. off. I was sick Tuesday and was not aware of this change. I did pass the course, but I just think that was a dick thing to do on his part. Have you guys had anything like this happen?
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maybe he had a good reason to change the date of it

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I had two exams on the same day, same time. Thursday 8 A.M. I managed to convince my teacher to let me do one of the exams at 6 AM :p
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I had a professor base an entire test on one obscure sentence out of ONE of the THREE books we had to read.
That sucks, at my university that would be impossible to do for a professor. Today I got my schedule and it seems that they planned some classes at the same time . Problem is that those classes are the ones I CAN'T miss . FML
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Just an administrative hurdle. No biggy.

Professors and Deans are generally down for working things like this out because, frankly, it's easier just to help you out than try and be douchewads about it.

Send a somewhat intelligently-written email that is detailed and organized and proves that you did your research.

The reason I bolded email is that you have proof, in writing, that you sent the communication. If you go to the office and "he says" he'll do it and then he doesn't, then you go to the Dean, then you are sitting in the Dean's office saying,

"Well, HE SAID he'd do it, and..."


"I have printed copies of our correspondence on this matter beginning the 6th of August, 2010. As you can see, in the second paragraph of the response to my initial inquiry...

...where I've highlighted it in orange?...

..yes, right there...

..he clearly states that he will correct this matter. As of today's date this matter still hasn't been resolved."

Then add,

"I don't mean to be forward or overstep my bounds, and I appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule to help me. Professor (state his name) has been a very (compliment the professor) and I'm sure it's a misunderstanding."

Works every time.*

*Assuming you're not full of shit.
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