Hey guys my band Sirens and Serenades has our EP coming out this week and were just looking for feedback on the first 2 songs that have been realesed.

any feedback would be awsome

i really like it, but the clean vocal, are lacking. its a good voice and all, i cant really put my finger on what is wrong with it. he might be falling a little flat on his notes
I dunno i dig it :P but im also used to the sound. i dunno ill look into it. anything to improve the sounds thanks for the input man
riffs are good for hardcore. Screams need to be a bit less throaty as it sounds like it is tearing up the clean voice (especially at the end of light of day). Clean voice needs alot of work. Tell your singer to yawn and notice how it opens up the back of his throat. If he can learn to sing like this having that nasally (a staple for hardcore/post punk) voice will sound MUCH better. I think he will sound much like the fellow from New Found Glory. Keep it up, your on your way!

If you be so kind please take a listen to my band and respond in our thread what you think about us. Feel free to be as brutally honest as you like, we can take it

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the input man. Keep in mind our drummer is also our lead vocalsit (sings and Screams) :P
Hey, I may be replyng a little late but I like your sound, intrumentals are strong and so is the screaming but no offense to your vocalist but his sound is a little flat, id suggest finding someone to do clean vocals and have him keep doing the screaming. Its better that way anyways you have way more options sinceone person doesn't have to do both.