Wiring/impedence question here. I have a 1960 Lead cab and I want to replace two of the 75 watt Celestions with V30 60 watt speakers. What ohm load do I have to look for on my new speakers? Currently the cab has a 16 and a 4 ohm input. Any help would be great.
the same as the ones you are replacing
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If the speakers themselves do not have impedance (ohms) information printed on them, then do some research as to what that impedance should be and get the same impedance on the new speakers.

The wattage is less important, and it's anybody's guess how a given manufacturer determines that, anyway.


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Who knows.

The one that that is designed into the speakers and inherent in their properties if you test them with a meter is their impedance.

60 watt and 75 watt speakers of the same impedance will be fine.

You can even mix impedances, but then you have to work it out on paper and find creative solutions, such as running two 16's in parallel to make them an 8, or two 8's in series to make them a 16 and so on.

The 16 ohm jack, for example, may be all four speakers in series, assuming they are 4 ohm speakers.

The 4 ohm jack may be a series-parallel where each pair of speakers is in series, giving you 8 ohms, then each pair is wired in parallel giving you a 4 ohm system.

So it's complicated.

The best thing to do is just get the closest match to what was in there originally and wire them EXACTLY as the old ones were wired.
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