So I'm very seriously thinking about purchasing a Gibson Les Paul Studio, however, I have a few questions. This will be my second guitar, my first was an acoustic that cost $350, I paid the sticker price and went on my way happily. I then learned that you could haggle in a guitar store. I'm not worried about the acoustic, there probably wasn't much room for haggling on that anyway, but the Gibson is $1300. I really have no idea what to try and talk out of them, I was thinking of just asking for a set of strings and having them re-string the guitar and set it up correctly (if there's something wrong with the action).

Is that good or should I try for more?

Thanks in advance guys.

p.s. I'm probably going to purchase it with cash from guitar center, I'm not sure if that helps but I thought I would add it.
For a high end guitar like that.. again you might not get much bargining.. But try 1200. If they refuse to drop the price. Ask for a free set of strings and a set up for free. see what they say.
At my local guitar store you cannot haggle. They wont listen to it and get offended. But, I have asked for a free set of strings.. when you drop 600$ its the least they can do. I also got a free set up.
Some stores just won't do it tho.
Just ask if they can work with you on price. If he says yes ask him what he's comfortable with then subtract $100 and start from there... If he says no say 'I've got $1100 cash right now' and see what he says. If he says 'firm $1300' say thanks and walk out. If he doesn't chase you and offer to lower the price at that point then you have to pay sticker, but at least you tried.

That's a rough approximation of my method.

Also if you have anything you can sell to them that can help. Sell them a shitty pedal and when you start haggling about what they'll give you for it just say 'I'm really interested in this Les Paul, so how about you work with me on that price and we call it even' and start haggling that way.
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Ive haggled on amps and a guitar. But i would only do so one something used. E.x. they had a 100w Marshall for sale for a year. used. i haggled down from 300 to 125 saying that no one will ever buy it for 300 cause it has a damned Metallica logo. in fact i wasnt so hot with the logo with my massive issue with Metalliica. but i got a good deal nonetheless.
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try this it always works for me.
walk into the store with a friend put 1100 in your pocket and then 2 in your friends when you approach a salesmen tell him you only have 1100 in cash right now and show him the money. tell him the guitar you want and that you are willing to take it right now. if he does not comply ask your friend (make sure you do it infront of salesmen) if you can please borrow a 100 and then offer that. ive never had it go any further than that. they will almost always choose to make a sale right then then to have you leave to get cash and possibly not come back. trust me it will work
i've heard of guitar center dropping guitar prices by a few hundred over "defects". things as simple as a scratch in the finish, a ding in the guitar, etc. look for any visual defects, and see if you can get some serious money off of it.

if its perfect, go for something like 15-20% off the sticker price. they will refuse 20 every time, but sometimes they'll actually give in to 15%. if not, work down to 10%. if you do get that low, say you'll settle for 10% as long as you get three or four free packs of strings, a free strap of your choice, and a setup (throw in a patch chord too if you want).

shops are much more inclined to give free stuff than cash discounts. so if you want to load up on a whole lot of new gear, by all means do that. when i bought my LTD EC1000, i got the case for $75 (retail is 200 in canada), free $45 strap, 10 free packs of strings, 2 free patch chords (each was a $40 planet waves one), SM57 mic for $40 (retail $120), and a free set up. i also got about $75 off the guitar itself, but i believe i got a damn good deal. i got that only because there was a scratch, and a small ding in the finish.
I haggle every time I buy gear. It seems to work particularly well at GC. I got $75 off my cab, paid $375 for a Schecter XXX that was selling for $450, and I've got several other deals there as well.
Thanks for all the replies... lol I have no idea what I'm doing but hopefully I can work something out.
we´re in crisis take advantage .....8 to 12% discount....give them a sob story.........ask them to hv compassion

if all fails...then yeah free strings......but push yr limits a bit........like a free tuner as well.......................
Best way to do it, is find something in the store that is over priced (find MSRP prices online) and talk about it loudly with someone. They will do anything to shut you up.
Best way to do it, is find something in the store that is over priced (find MSRP prices online) and talk about it loudly with someone.

That’s really not going to work well at a chain of discount music stores.

Any Gibson is really a luxury item with a fixed minimum price that dealers are not supposed to deviate from. So they’re not going to be too happy about bargaining, and you need to get creative. Try out the entire range of LP studios. Talk about how you really like that one guitar, but it’s just hard to buy it at that price when the simple models are so much less expensive, because you really can’t afford to go all out. Sometimes the guys at GC will discount product 5–10% to keep you from buying something that’s much less expensive. And go when the store isn’t going to be busy (Wednesday morning) so that they’re just standing around waiting for the afternoon crowd to come in.

Also, think twice before asking for a free setup at a chain music store. Maybe they’ll have a smart tech do it, but they might just give it to some schmoe who does a setup in five minutes without using a tuner. Find out who does the work first.
1) Try to find slight faults off the guitar. Leads to immediate reductions. Like semi-b-stocking or what should we call it.. ha! It's gonna effect your aftermarket price so it's only fair and equite (?) to get these reductions always.

2) Buy a "floor model".. that's not really haggling but sorta..

3) Present them with better deals online. Works best if you just email them with a link. They'll give you the sour "you dont know what you're buying online!" but the price WILL drop.

4) Just build up your case. "I got this money", "I just can't afford that price" et cetera
It depends on your GC, some will be more receptive to haggling, some won't have any of it. You can usually negotiate a bit if there are any "defects", i.e. finish checking, missing knobs, other scuffs or dings, etc. or if you are buying a floor model and they don't have any others stocked in the back.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Guitar Center will beat any price of another legitimate dealer. I've only seen it happen once, but if you can find a dealer who is selling the same thing (new) for less, GC will match or beat the price if you can bring in evidence of it.

For the most part though, haggling works best with used gear, there's not much room to haggle on new items since GC still has to make enough of a profit off of every sale. They have to make their numbers, so maybe try to get them to throw in cheaper extra accessories (stands, cables, strings, etc.)
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"Come on" and if that doesn't work just offer what you have. 4/5 times they're gonna want your sale. Most of their pay is commission so work with what you know. Good luck.
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Dude, I spent 300 dollars on a cheap ibanez and I got a free soft case, strap, extra cable and some picks. If you shell out 1300 and they don't throw in a set of damn strings you should take a shit on their drums