Okay I made a thread not too long ago asking for help on modding this amp. Noone replied so I went on and experiment with it.

Here's the original schemo;

So what I did;

-Higher gain at first stage.
R18 -> 10k to 8,06k
R19 -> 1.5k to 1k
R20 -> 22k to 33k

-Softer diode clipping
D3 and D4 -> 1n4148 to yellow 3mm LED

-EQ closer to JCM800
C23 -> 220pF to 470pF
R22 -> 56k to 33k
C22 -> 2.2nF to 22 nF

-Bit more gain on Master Volume stage
R25 -> 10k to 15k

And blue power LED

So I tried it. I can't say it's really better then before, I need to play some more with the eq. But it does sound a lot different. It can get much more gain then before, which is what I originally tried to do. The drawback is feedback. I'll try to experiment some more later and fix that.

I have other ideas for it when I can get the components. Gonna upgrade the power supply filtering cap to possibly 6800uF. I was thinking about raising the supplied voltage a bit too.

So overally right now, it sounds different, but maybe not better. I'll see what I can do later.
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