Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy a new acoustic guitar that's around $500, but cheeper's always good.
I want something that's easy to play, low action, nice tone, etc.

Do you guys have any idea?

Thanks in advance,

I really love my Alvarez acoustic....costs abt 300 USD new
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I just got a Seagull S6 Original. Absolutely love it. But you might hate it. Go try some out and see What you like tone and feel wise.
Go to a music store and try out a few Seagulls! Absolutely fantastic sounding guitar for a reasonable price range ( 300-500). Deffinately worth a try.
my favorite guitars at $500 or under - these are all solid top:

*seagull original s6 (wider nut, cedar top, great quality, good sound)

*seagull s6 slim (slimmer nut isn't for me, but otherwise this is the same guitar as above)

* blueridge br-40 or br-60 (or the 000 versions, br-43 or br-63 - check maury's music to see them, but the pics don't do them justice.)

*yamaha fg730s - nice silvery sound, solid top, good quality, gloss finish

* yamaha fgx730sc - same as above but with electronics and cutaway

* yamaha fgx720sca (electronics and cutaway - i prefer the sound of the 730 a bit, but this is nice and costs a little less, too)

* seagull entourage mini jumbo - a different sound and shape. try it - you may like it.

* seagull folk - if you're looking for something a bit smaller, some stores still have these.

or for just a few bucks more you could get an all solid guitar that sounds very martin-y. i've played a lot of blueridges, solid or solid top, and they are very nice)


here are a couple options if you want to go cheap but all solid.

these are very basic guitars, but they do sound pretty good. i've tried a lot of them. you can often see them in person at guitar center. if you hit a gc during one of their sales, they're usually cheaper.



i hear they sound great, but you might have to send one back as once in a while they have issues, but it's hard to complain at that price. musiciansfriend is excellent about this.


Thank you, I will go check out some Seagulls I guess. Is nut of a guitar like that plastic bridge thing? What is the difference between slim and a regular one? Thanks.
The nut is at the top of the neck. It's the thing that the strings pass through before going intothe tuners.

Regarding the nut width, different manufacturers may callnit different things, but with Seagull, the slim nut is 1.72" and the regular is 1.8". So the 1.8" nut is wider, so the neck itself is wider and the strings are farther apart from each other.
Alright thanks, one more question though, when you are looking at all the specs, how do you tell if the guitar has high action or low action?
You can't tell by looking at the specs. Some manufacturers make guitars with different action by default, but action can differ from one guitar to another even of the same model.

Action is generally high from the factory. It's easier to lower action by the player than to raise it.
Yamaha and Takamine make great quality, low price guitars. I have 2 Yamahas myself that I've had for 6 years and they still play and sound just as great as the day i bought them. Best thing to do is get yourself to a music store and try some out in your price range. You won't really know what fits until you do that.
action has nothing to do with a particular make and model, and can always be adjusted for a reasonable price by a luthier or guitar tech.

Quote by dharrigan118
Alright thanks, one more question though, when you are looking at all the specs, how do you tell if the guitar has high action or low action?