My DBX Rack Comp isn't really doing anything.... its just a guitar --- comp --- amp set-up but the compressor doesn't seem to add sustain or beef up my tone the noise gate works well but the expander and comp doesn't what settings should i try


Expander/Gate - Threshold , Ratio

Comp - Threshold , Ratio , Attack , Release , Output Gain

And a stereo couple switch

The attack and release controls are labelled fast and slow that being attack fast/slow
and release fast/slow

(how quick it comes in)

(I dont know if this is useful but its stereo)

As the saying gos "If it's a good compressor you shouldn't bve able to tell it's on" or something like that.
But the controls dont do anything at all on the comp =/

Whats the point of having one if you cant tell its there?
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