I need a half stack i asked about this before. On cragslist I found a Mesa Triple (no cab) that i'd prefer, but its $1000. There is a Peavey JSX with a Krank cab for $1600, again I'd have to get the rest of the money before late October.

But a guy is willing to trade his Jcm 900 Hi-Gain Dual Reverb for my peavey vypyr and some extra cash.

I know the JCM 900 is good. But will I be able to get enough gain from it? My band is influenced by The devil wears prada, Killswitch Engage, Protest the Hero, Coheed and Cambria, and Slipknot. So thats the kinda of sound I need. I dont want to mod it, but I would be cool with boosting with a pedal if need be.

Also how many channels are on this? I need a clean and a Hi gain.

Also any other specs would be cool. I know nothing about this amp.
You can easily get that much gain from it with a boost. Not sure if the voicing would be right for some of those bands mind.

True, I just need a half stack before we play in October at a music fest and my amp will not do the job. Its hard though, cause Im a jobless, broke, 17 year old xD. But I know two other band who have played there and they said I'll need a half stack so Im like in panic mode xD
You probably won't need a half-stack, a mic'd combo of high enough wattage would suffice, however I think the deal is worth it. I had a JCM 900 for a while and it was a very good amp indeed. Had the two channels and could get a fairly modern tone from it, though I didn't play anything heavier than Iron Maiden with it, so you might find yourself needing to boost it just a little.
Ok, I might mic my Vypyr then cause I love the Recto sound. What if the other guitarist in my band has a half stack? We can balance the volume in practice, so should I be good?
if you can balance volume in practice then you should be fine on stage
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Get the JCM and boost it.

Great amp.

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