are there any benefits in hanging and drying your clothes indoors or outdoors?? i just moved to a new one room, and i would usually just hang my clothes indoors.. but here, there's a hanger outside, so i'm thinking about using. any opinions??
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Clothes hung outdoor smells better.
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Yeah, birds can crap on your clothes if you hang them outside. I love it when that happens. It's my favourite.
its true. Clothes hung out side to dry smell better. when the clothes you wear smell better, you feel better, and more confident. try it, see if you like it. if you dont, there is no problem with hanging them inside.
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Hanging clothes outside is for gays!

Just kidding, that's just something I'm surprised nobody said yet.

There shouldn't be any problem hanging them inside, except that you'll have a room full of dripping, wet clothes.
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Hanging them inside can cause mould and damp.
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Outside. They go a lot quicker with the sun and a breeze.
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