Hey all!

So me and my Dad are going to be building a guitar together and I'd really like to know what specs a Guild S-100 has. Like, I know theres a 3-way Pick-up selector and a volume and tone knob for both pick-ups, but what does the other switch do? What kind of pick-ups does it have on it, 70's models in particular. What kind of wood does it have in it?

I Google'd these questions, and some VERY vague stuff came up. So I thought I'd ask some Guild S-100 owners, because they know best!
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I don't own an s-100, but as far as I know, the body's mahogany.
here's a wiring diagram from the guild site. that extra switch is to put the bridge pickup in/out of phase with the neck

as for the type of pickups, I'm not too sure. try looking up old guitar catalogs from the 70s..they're usually pretty helpful with finding that kind of info.

1975 deluxe model
1975 standard model

google's real handy if you know what to look for
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see my edit on the last post, I linked some catalogs

but they don't say the type of pickups..they just say they're chrome guild humbuckers.
I'd say just find a set of vintagey sounding PAF style humbuckers to put in there, unless you want to go on a crazy search for the actual guild pickups that were in the s-100 (which is probabl way more work than its worth)
Yeah, but thanks SO much man! I appreciate that a lot! I'll make sure to send you some pics of my custom guitar when I start building it.
Mistakes happen. How do you think I got here?