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So, my grandfather found his mother's old guitar in the attic. It's a 1940-ish Acoustic Silvertone. He is giving it to me in a month when I see him. I don't have too much information yet as far as model number and whatnot, though there are only styles released in the 40s (I think it's the model made by Gretsch, based on his description). Anyways, I'm wondering if there are any idiosyncrasies I should watch out for in order to not damage the guitar. I plan on restringing it with some light gauge strings for now and playing gently with it to see how she hold's up and whatnot. He claims its in fantastic shape and has been sitting in a case with a humidifier for the past 60 years... so hopefully there aren't any cracks, etc.

Anyways, any information would be wonderous.


Silvertones were pretty good guitars back in the day. Those guitars that were made with real craftsmanship are the ones that are worth something today. I don't know when it started but Silvertone eventually started making cheap beginner guitars and died out from the great brand they once were. I believe Ace Frehley or Paul Stanley played Silvertone. I used to have one from the late 60's and I sold it for $1500 to a friends uncle. Yours could be worth more. I do know in the 90's and early 2000 they sold Silvertone packages at JcPenney or something.

Edit: I went back and read a little. They sold them at Sears since the 40's. They were good guitars then though. If you can find the serial number and search it up you will find some answers. It should be on the back of the headstock, at the neck, or inside of the guitar.

"In the 40’s Supertones of the 30’s and 40’s gave way to the Silvertones acoustic guitars from Sears. The low end Harmony #605 to the Kay built Best Flattop #613 to the Gretch made F-hole Acoustic Guitar #714 along with The Gene Audrey model and a handful of other round holes and f-hole guitars

Read more at Suite101: Silvertone Acoustic Guitar Model: A List of Models and Artists Who Have Played The Famous Acoustic http://guitar.suite101.com/article.cfm/the-silvertone-acoustic-guitar-model#ixzz0z9TzuqJB"

This should give you an idea to which guitar you have.
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