I used to religiously use Line 6 Toneport as my practice aid and as a recording utility through my old XP based PC, but since I upgraded and moved to Windows 7 64 BIT the damn Line 6 device isn't supported.

I was wondering what could be a good replacement that suits a Windows 7 64 system ? My initial idea was getting an mBox 2 with Pro Tools LE8, but i'm sketchy on compatibility issues, as far as the Avid website says it should work fine but would rather hear from folk with experience using any similar setups.

Hope someone can give some good advice
Im having the same issue myself mate. I wouldnt mind going with either a Presonus Audiobox or a M audio fast track pro but i to am sketchy on compatibility issues and dont want to make the same mistake with another interface twice. If anyone knows anything about the audiobox or fast track pro Win7 64bit compatibility, those would probably be the way to go as ive heard great things about them and they are to expensive.
ProTools and their hardware really doesnt like 64bit systems just yet although I've seen some people make it work.

If you have firewire ports on the desktop or laptop it will help you out a lot in the end as most pro interfaces use that as a connection to the computer.

Personally, I would look into either the M-Audio or PreSonus interfaces.

M-Audio ProFire 2626
M-Audio Fast Track Pro